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This November, one young Alaskan received the one millionth Imagination Library book delivered in our state. So who is it? It’s the baby next door. It’s your son. Or your granddaughter. Your hairstylist’s niece. Or your friend’s godson. The fact is, every child enrolled in Alaska’s Imagination Libraries is a part of this celebration – because it took each of them to help reach this incredible milestone. Watch Alaska Imagination Library volunteers celebrate this success.

Pediatricians’ Rx for new parents: Read to your baby.

Pediatrician & book

It was great news recently, when the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced it is asking its 62,000 members to urge parents to read to their children as soon as they’re born. For the first time, the AAP will promote early literacy—beginning from an infant's very first days—as an “essential” component of primary care visits. From a pediatrician’s point of view, early out-loud reading is Learn More »

Words Count

Words-Count-logoDiscover creative ways to talk, sing, read, and play with your children every day. Learn more about Words Count, watch the video, and get and share great ideas on our Facebook page!

It’s everywhere…and in more ways than one

I’ve been watching our four 3-year-old grandchildren demonstrate STEM skills. They turned over rocks to look for worms and found “creatures” hiding in puddles at Kincaid Beach. They planned and built Lego spaceships and tall towers and knocked them apart to see how the pieces would fall. They passed along my iPad when the timer went off and signaled the end of their turn. They counted the number Learn More »