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First Ladies’ Tea huge success

Nearly 100 people attended the First Ladies’ Tea for Best Beginnings, hosted by First Lady Donna Walker and former First Ladies Nancy Murkowski, Sandy Parnell, Susan Knowles, Ermalee Hickel, and Bella Hammond. We are pleased to report that donations totaled just over $30,000. Many thanks to the 40+ co-hosts, volunteers, and to Governor Bill Sheffield, who hosted the Tea at his home. Tea Committee members Jo Michalski and Margy Johnson deserve special recognition for ensuring tea was prepared and poured properly and the right kinds of tea sandwiches, cakes, and cookies were on hand. And Margy’s vintage hat collection added more fun. Thank you to everyone who attended and made a gift to help keep the books coming!

Where we are

As many Alaskans know, Best Beginnings took a major body blow with a 66 percent reduction in state funding for the fiscal year that began July 1. For the current year, Best Beginnings is receiving $320,000 from the state, down more than $600,000 from previous years. Best Beginnings is tackling the challenge in several ways, among them: We changed how we support Early Childhood Partnerships. Learn More »

New report chock full of information

Our newest publication – Success in life. It starts here. – is now available online.  We’re especially proud of this report because it shows and tells, with strong graphics and clear language, what Best Beginnings is doing, why it matters, and how it is succeeding. Take a look!

Words Count

Words-Count-logoDiscover creative ways to talk, sing, read, and play with your children every day. Learn more about Words Count, watch the video, and get and share great ideas on our Facebook page!