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Anchorage Imagination Library Hits Big Milestone

In January, some unknown child in the Anchorage area received the 500,000th book distributed by Anchorage Imagination Library. This half-a-million milestone comes seven years after Anchorage Imagination Library began delivering books to Anchorage area children. Thank you to the amazing volunteers who make it happen, the generous donors who support the program, and the fantastic families who are Learn More »

2015 – Challenges & Results

Can you believe it’s nearly 2016? As I reflect on the year coming to an end, I acknowledge it has certainly been a challenging year for Best Beginnings, but challenges often bring rewards with them. One of the silver linings of 2015 has been the outpouring of support for our work. More and more, it seems, Alaskans value early literacy and learning and are taking advantage of opportunities to help Learn More »

25 PERSON CHALLENGE – Are YOU up for it?

Are you willing to give up a little for yourself to give a lot to someone else? We’ll get right to the point. We are looking for 25 generous, caring people who will step up to our challenge: Give IT up to gain a lot! We invite you to set up a monthly gift to help ensure all Alaska children enter school ready to succeed. The “IT” that you give up is for you to decide. Can you give up 1 Learn More »

Where we are

As many Alaskans know, Best Beginnings took a major body blow with a 66 percent reduction in state funding for the fiscal year that began July 1. For the current year, Best Beginnings is receiving $320,000 from the state, down more than $600,000 from previous years. Best Beginnings is tackling the challenge in several ways, among them: We changed how we support Early Childhood Partnerships. Learn More »